Vintage mature german porn – “Teeny Exzesse 10”

Name: Teeny Exzesse 10

Country: Germany

Year: 1990

Duration: 82 min

Language: German

Director: Harry S. Morgan

Actress: Veronica Dol,Debbie van Gils,Zora Niemann,Milada,Milada

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Actors: Anton Rector,Dirk Braeter,Klaus

German Bestseller from Videorama


Peonies Jong naked : “Vixens of Kung Fu”

Name: Vixens of Kung Fu

Duration: 71 min

Language: English

Year: 1975

Country: United States

Director: Lin Cho Chiang

Actors: Jamie Gillis,Bobby Astor,Roger Caine,Tony Richards,Douglas Wood,Lin Chen Fu

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Actress: C.J. Laing,Arlana Blue,Bree Anthony,Juliet Graham,Peonies Jong,Linda Trussell

A hooker is stuffged and gang ra-ped, runs away and finds protection with a clan of girls trained in kung fu by a martial artist. With this help, the young woman will take her revenge.